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SlaybellsNine college coed bodies have been found around L.A. over the past six months — but only their bodies. Around their necks a cheery red ribbon and a tiny silver bell. Just below where their heads used to be. Nicknamed “The Slaybell Killer” by the L.A. Times, the killer is a madman and a ghost. And no one has ever seen his face.

At the center of it all is Detective Frank Morresi, a grizzled veteran of the force and widower who randomly caught the case of his life. Only he wishes he hadn’t. Mostly because every victim reminds Frank of his only daughter, Kerry.

Determined to end the lunatic’s reign of terror, Frank gets aggressive. But instead of getting him off the streets, Frank thrusts himself center stage — along with his daughter. Now it’s personal. The killer will do anything to kill Kerry, and until he does he’s going to kill every lookalike he can find.

Kerry’s a beautiful girl, but looking like her can be deadly.


The Monarch Now Available for Pre-Order

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Fans of thrilling adventures and international suspense will love Jack Soren’s whirlwind debut novel—a tale of two thieves detoured on the road to redemption.
On Sale: 12/02/2014

When Jonathan Hall walked away from his career as an international art thief to be a father, he thought he’d made a clean break—from crime, from life as The Monarch, from an early grave.

But when The Monarch’s signature symbol resurfaces, carved into the mutilated bodies of New York’s elite, Jonathan realizes his retirement may have been short-lived. Someone is framing The Monarch for horrific slayings. But Jonathan and his former partner, Lew, know this isn’t just murder—it’s a message.

Now caught in a deadly game against a fanatical madman whose reach penetrates the darkest corners of the globe, Jonathan and Lew have no choice but to play along. But when Jonathan’s daughter becomes a pawn, all bets are off. To win this game, Jonathan and Lew will have to accept one final task as The Monarch—a job that could change the course of history forever.